who are we? excellent question. you shouldn’t trust your body to just anyone…

it was 1996. canada introduces the toonie, donovan bailey wins the gold medal in the 100m, and mr. dressup records his last show…

meanwhile in new york city, an adverturer, gadabout and humble genius named j. darius bikoff was being pummelled by the one-two punch of raging thirst and low energy.

heading to a yoga class, bikoff was feeling run-down and gobbled a vitamin c lozenge which he chased with a swig of water. the combination of flavour and nourishment inspired bikoff to develop and launch glacéau vitaminwater®, enhanced water that’s packed with nutrients.

bikoff’s vision gave birth to glacéau vitaminwater®, changing the beverage industry forever. not only did he create the first enhanced water category, he went on to build glacéau vitaminwater® into the leader of the active lifestyle category in the u.s.

now, glacéau vitaminwater® is poised to become a leading world brand. in the u.s., glacéau vitaminwater® is already iconic among tastemakers, trendsetters, and those with a thirst for their own well-being. open any lifestyle mag. see those beautiful people, laughing their self-consumed laughs, air-kissing each other at chi-chi events? now look closer. see it there? it’s glacéau vitaminwater®.

to make a long story short (too late?), glacéau vitaminwater® is specially formulated to help people on the go feel better through better hydration. it also provides a convenient way to get more of the nutrients people need to get through their days.

glacéau vitaminwater® is a great-tasting, enhanced water that is packed with nutrients. in addition to providing a perfect complement to everyone’s less-than-perfect diet, each glacéau vitaminwater® variety has a unique combination of nutrients to deliver a specific benefit to get you through your day.