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general information

what is glacéau vitaminwater®?

glacéau vitaminwater® – the original from new york – is a great-tasting, active lifestyle hydrating beverage packed with vitamins and minerals to help get you through your day.


what are the glacéau vitaminwater® flavours and functions?

glacéau vitaminwater® comes in 12 great-tasting varieties. click here for more info.

is there a limit to the amount of glacéau vitaminwater® i can consume in a day?

glacéau vitaminwater® is carefully formulated to deliver nutrients safely and can be a part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. there is a recommended dosage stated on each of the varieties that you should stick to.

is glacéau vitaminwater® safe to consume while pregnant?

the products are generally safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. all of the ingredients that we use are generally safe when consumed in accordance with the dosage recommendations. all ingredients are listed on the bottle. if you have any specific concerns we recommend that you speak with your health care professional.

do any varieties of glacéau vitaminwater® contain caffeine?

energy tropical citrus contains caffeine. energy contains 50mg of caffeine per bottle. to put it in perspective, that same amount of coffee would contain 200mg of caffeine. no other glacéau vitaminwater® flavours or glacéau products in canada contain caffeine.

what is natural caffeine?

natural caffeine is the caffeine that naturally occurs in tea and coffee. all caffeine is natural and is derived from the cocoa plant.

is there sugar in glacéau products?

yes. we use 100% natural cane sugar in glacéau vitaminwater® mega c, focus, essential, energy, multi-v, spark, restore, defense and xxx. this high-quality sweetener allows us to deliver a great tasting product with 120-130 calories and 32-33 grams of sugar per 591ml bottle.

vitaminwater® zero go-go, resilient-c and xoxox are naturally sweetened with a combination of stevia, fructose and erythritol; they have zero calories and 0-1g of sugar. vitaminwater 10 resilient-c, recoup and go-go are naturally sweetened with a combination of stevia, fructose and erythritol; they have 10 calories and 1g of sugar per 591ml bottle. the stevia extract that vitaminwater 10 and vitaminwater zero uses is a high-purity extract that comes from the best-tasting part of the stevia leaf. stevia extract is 200 times sweeter than sugar and does not provide carbohydrate calories and thus has no caloric impact on the foods and beverages in which it is used.

what’s the difference between vitaminwater 10 and vitaminwater zero? what happened to vitaminwater 10?

vitaminwater® zero will begin replacing vitaminwater10 as of april 2012. vitaminwater10 was a popular low-calorie alternative to vitaminwater®, and we wanted to listen to our calorie conscious consumers who asked if we could bring the 10 calories even lower – to zero calories per serving – while keeping the same great taste, natural sweeteners, vitamins and minerals.

what is the source of your water?

the water in glacéau vitaminwater® comes from a municipal water source. the water is purified using a process called reverse osmosis that removes impurities and provides a consistent taste.

do glacéau vitaminwater® products use natural flavours and colours?

yes, we do not add any preservatives or artificial flavourings to glacéau vitaminwater®. glacéau vitaminwater® uses beta carotene or vegetable extracts like purple carrot for colour.

are all glacéau vitaminwater® products kosher?

yes. all of our products are certified par-ve kosher by the kasruth council in montreal. there is a symbol on each label showing this designation which is a circle with mk inside of it. our products are not kosher for passover.

do any glacéau vitaminwater® products contain gluten?

glacéau vitaminwater® products are all gluten-free. they do not contain any wheat, oat, rye, or barley derived ingredients. all of our products are casein-free.

how long does vitaminwater stay fresh?

  • essential – 6 months
  • defense – 6 months
  • restore – 6 months
  • xxx – 6 months
  • mega c – 6 months
  • energy – 6 months
  • focus – 6 months
  • recoup– 6 months
  • go-go – 6 months
  • multi-v – 6 months
  • resilient-c – 6 months
  • spark – 6 months
  • xoxox – 6 months

the products are formulated so that at any point throughout the shelf life the vitamin levels in the bottle will meet what is stated on the label.

for a list of glacéau products, ingredients and their benefits click here

does glacéau vitaminwater® zero contain sodium?

no. it is sodium-free.

why are there words under the cap of my glacéau vitaminwater®? what does it mean?

nice catch! we love a little word play and all the brilliant combinations different words have to offer so we placed randomly selected words (top in english and the bottom word in french – different words, not a translation!) under each cap. check out our labels for a little inspiration and let us know what kind of fun you come up with!

are there words under all varieties of glacéau vitaminwater® and glacéau vitaminwater® zero? why aren’t here any words under my cap?

yes! we’re putting a separate french and english word under each of our caps! our bottles with word-caps have been rolling out across the country, if your vitaminwater doesn’t have a word on its cap, hold on – you’ll have them soon!

retailer info

i am a retailer that would like to offer your products. how can i set up an account?

please click here to provide us with your full business contact information and we will be in touch shortly

as a consumer, can i buy direct?

at this time we do not offer direct order purchasing.


why can’t i find every glacéau vitaminwater® variety in my area?

at this time, not every variety is available everywhere. we recommend that you inquire with your local store to see if they can order the flavours you are interested in. we are continually working to expand the variety of flavours available and hope to have more in your area soon. if you would like to contact us regarding this issue click here.


does glacéau vitaminwater® sponsor events? what about individuals?

please email us any details regarding your sponsorship inquiry here. once received, we will forward it to the appropriate marketing team for consideration. if they are able to offer you sponsorship, they will be in touch with you soon.


does glacéau vitaminwater® offer donations?

please email us any details regarding your donation inquiry here. once received, we will forward it to the appropriate marketing team for consideration

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