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glaceau vitaminwater® – the original from new york – is a great-tasting, hydrating beverage with the added bonus of some vitamins and minerals for a little extra nutrition. vitaminwater contains anywhere from 0-130 calories as listed on each bottle.


glaceau vitaminwater® comes in 12 great-tasting varieties including four zero-calorie flavours - view all flavours.

glaceau vitaminwater® energy contains 50mg of caffeine per 591ml bottle. to put it in perspective, that’s much less than the amount of caffeine in the same amount of coffee , depending on the method of preparation. no other glaceau vitaminwater® flavours or glaceau products in canada contain caffeine.

yes. we use 100% cane sugar in glaceau vitaminwater® mega c, focus, essential, energy, multi-v, restore, shine and xxx. We use cane sugar to deliver a great tasting product with 120-130 calories and 31-33 grams of sugar per 591ml bottle.

like all food and beverages, glaceau vitaminwater®  with cane sugar can be consumed as part of a balanced lifestyle as long as people don’t consume them to excess.

it’s important to us to make sure that consumers have a choice to help them manage their sugar and calorie intake. that is why we also offer a variety of great-tasting beverages with no sugar and calories.

vitaminwater® shine zero, squeezed and rise are sweetened with a combination of stevia leaf extract and erythritol; vitaminwater® xoxox is sweetened with a combination of stevia leaf extract, fructose and erythritol; they have zero calories and 0-1g of sugar. the stevia leaf extract that vitaminwater zero uses is a high-purity extract that comes from the stevia plant. stevia leaf extract does not provide carbohydrate calories and thus has no caloric impact on the foods and beverages in which it is used.

we also provide information on how much sugar and how many calories are in our beverages, in order for people to choose what makes sense for them and their families.

the water in glaceau vitaminwater® comes from a municipal water source. the water is purified using a process called reverse osmosis that removes impurities and provides a consistent taste.

yes, we do use onlynatural flavours and colours sourced from fruits and vegetables in glaceau vitaminwater®. there is no juice content in glaceau vitaminwater®.

yes. all of our products are certified pareve kosher by the kasruth council in montreal. there is a symbol on each label showing this designation which is a circle with mk inside of it. our products are not kosher for passover.

glaceau vitaminwater® products are all gluten-free. they do not contain any wheat, oat, rye, or barley derived ingredients. all of our products are casein-free.

the products are formulated so that at any point throughout the shelf life the vitamin levels in the bottle will meet what is stated on the label. each variety of vitaminwater and vitaminwater zero has a shelf life of 6 months.

for more information on glaceau products, ingredients and their benefits, view products.

all of our glaceau vitaminwater and vitaminwater zero varieties are sodium-free.

retailer info

please call us at 1-877-glaceau(452-2328) and provide us with your full business contact information and we will be in touch shortly.

at this time we do not offer direct order purchasing.


at this time, not every variety is available everywhere. we recommend that you inquire with your local store to see if they can order the flavours you are interested in. if you would like to contact us regarding this issue call us at 1-877-glaceau(452-2328).

we have 15 packs of the 591ml multi-packs (essential, xxx and multi-v) at costco.


please call us with any details regarding your sponsorship/donation request 1-877-glaceau(452-2328). once received, we will forward it to the appropriate marketing team for consideration. if they are able to offer you sponsorship, they will be in touch with you soon.

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call us at 1-877-glaceau (452-2328) and we will get back to you as soon as we can.