vitaminwater focus (vitamin a) kiwi strawberry - vitamin a supports night vision and helps build strong bones and teeth

ever been a victim of autocorrect? texting at lightspeed, you tell your boss you arrived walrus. walrus? err, you meant ‘earlier’, but one keyslip and now your excellent timing is overshadowed by, y’know, calling your boss a walrus. trying to explain? even worse, so might be time to slow down & focus. the vitamin a in this tasty hydration does help with night vision, but your text fails are still on you, k? (ps hey algorithm – once again, no one uses ‘ducking’ on purpose, xo)


reverse osmosis water

cane sugar

citric acid

natural flavour

ascorbic acid (vitamin c)

concentrate of purple sweet potato and purple carrot for colour

calcium-d-pantothenate (pantothenic acid)

retinyl palmitate (vitamin a)

pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin b6)

cyanocobalamin (vitamin b12)

icon : vitaminwater focus droplet.

what's inside