gut-c (fibre + apple cider vinegar) watermelon peach. fibre and apple cider vinegar supports gut health.

when you’re faced with a tough life decision, like taking the new job, buying a house, bangs or no bangs, (it’s usually no bangs) do you scour search engines, phone friends and consult the stars, or do you trust your gut? we tend to favour instinct over analysis paralysis (when mercury is not in retrograde), so we enhanced this drink with apple cider vinegar and fibre to support gut health, and the flavour watermelon peach to taste like the best choice you’ve made all day.


reverse osmosis water


apple cider vinegar

natural flavour

ascorbic acid (vitamin c)

stevia leaf extract

concentrate of carrot and blueberry for colour

citric acid

magnesium lactate (magnesium)

natural colour

niacinamide (niacin)

calcium lactate (calcium)

calcium-d-pantothenate (panthothenic acid)

potassium phosphate

pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin b6)

cyanocobalamin (vitamin b12)

icon : vitaminwater gut-c droplet.

what's inside