vitaminwater restore (electrolytes) fruit punch - magnesium is an electrolyte that aids normal muscle function

are we still talking about dating online like it’s a secret? no, right? good. the swipe right life isn’t easy, but at least you’ll know things like bad grammar or poor taste in gifs before it’s too late.  let’s get one thing straight - we cornered the market on thirst (quenching) traps. have you seen our rainbow lineup?  all vitamins and (natural) colours, ready to party? this particular potion has b vitamins and electrolytes, tastes like fruit punch and makes for good conversation. because you deserve better openers than ‘how’s your day?’

enjoy it: afternoon, late night


reverse osmosis water
cane sugar
mono- and di-potassium phosphate (potassium)
natural flavour
citric acid
magnesium chloride (magnesium)
concentrate of carrot and blueberry for colour
ascorbic acid (vitamin c)
niacinamide (niacin)
calcium-d-pantothenate (pantothenic acid)
pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin b6)
cyanocobalamin (vitamin b12)

what's inside

energy value (cal) 130
fat (g) 0
cholesterol (mg) 0
sodium (mg) 0
carbohydrate (g) 32
sugars (g) 32
protein (g) 0
vitamin c (%dv) 100%
vitamin b6 (%dv) 60%
vitamin b12 (%dv) 150%
magnesium (%dv) 15%